A God fearing, healthy and culturally united Loita Maasai community with the capacity to ensure the livelihood security of all its members, sustainably, equitably & justly.


We equip and empower local communities groups to set a development agenda and become leaders of transformation.

A choice between culture and the path of formal education
Focal Point

Running an Integrated Development Programme aimed at strengthening the resilience of local communities

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ilkerin loita at a glance

Area of operation

Loita Division, Narok County, Rift Valley Province, Kenya & consists of:

  • Total area 17,000 km2
  • Indirect Group Population : 70,000 Pastoralists in neighboring divisions.
  • 60 Imurua (Settlements)
  • 2,180 Households

Target group

28,000 Loita Maasai pastoralists are the primary target group of ILIDP


  • 6 Pastoralists Community Development Associations (PCDAs)
  • 2,180 households
  • 35 women’s groups
  • 1 Women Council
  • 1 Council of Elders
  • 2 Livestock Traders Cooperative 
  • 1 umbrella Youth Association
  • 15 youth groups
  • 23 schools and school committees

Facts in Figures


Target Population


Adult Population


Children Population


Grassroot Partner Organizations
Strengthening the capacities of local Maasai Pastoralists
to realize their potential through formal and informal education.