A God fearing, healthy and culturally united Loita Maasai community with the capacity to ensure the livelihood security of all its members, sustainably, equitably & justly.


We equip and empower local communities groups to set a development agenda and become leaders of transformation.

A choice between culture and the path of formal education
Focal Point

Through partnership with international NGOs, ILIDP runs an integrated programme on rural development.

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ilkerin loita at a glance

Area of operation

This is in Loita Division, Narok County, Rift Valley Province, Kenya & consists of:

  • Total area 1,700 km2
  • 1 administrative division (Loita division)
  • 5 locations & 9 sub locations

Target group

28,000 Loita Maasai pastoralists are the primary target group of ILIDP


  • 6 Pastoralists Community Development Associations (PCDAs)
  • 2,180 households
  • 35 women’s groups
  • 1 Women Council
  • 1 Council of Elders
  • 2 Livestock Traders Cooperative 
  • 1 umbrella Youth Association
  • 15 youth groups
  • 18 schools and school committees

Facts in Figures


  • Target Group Population: 28,000 semi-nomadic pastoralists.
  • Area of operation: 17,000sq km
  • Partner Grass root organizations: 6 CBOs known as the Pastoralists Community Development Associations (PCDAs)
  • Settlements:  60 Imurua
    Households:  2,180
  • Indirect Direct Group Population: 70,000 pastoralists in neighboring divisions.

Adult PopulationTotal : 11,643

  • Men Population
  • Women Population

Children PopulationTotal : 17, 529

  • Male Children
  • Female Children

Facts in Figures


Target Population


Adult Population


Children Population


Grassroot Partner Organizations
Strengthening the capacities of local Maasai Pastoralists
to realize their potential through formal and informal education.