The Loita Maasai Community is our immediate and basic partner.

Our Other Partners

Cordaid RO

We started with Cebemo in 1972, who grew into billance in the late 1990s and then changed to Cordaid in 2000. Cordaid has been our faithful partner from 1972 to 2009. All that we have done started with Cordaid.

European Commission

The European Commission helped us with improvement of School infrastructure in the 1990s.

Stichting Voshaar Elfrink

The Voshaar Elferink Foundation was established in 1999 and manages a modest fund for educational purposes in the Loita area in Kenya. It gives young people in this area the opportunity to unfold themselves for the future. The foundation works on the basis of shared responsibility and commitment. The Loita HighSchool itself determines the priorities and provides an active contribution to their realization of this kitty.

Catholic Diocese of Ngong

The Catholic Diocese of Ngong has been our trustee, trusted friend and mentor over the years. Together we worked to uplift the living standards of the Maasai.

Edukans foundation

In Edukans Foundation, we have come to re-look at the standard of education in Loita and engaging all 23 Primary Schools in renewed efforts to maximize their potential. Between 2012 and 2017, enrollment rose from 2,089 to 7,250 (150% Increase).

ICCO, Netherlands

ICCO promotes the use of solar energy in the manyattas and schools.

S3C, Netherlands

We partnered with S3C in Vocational Skills Training where our Youth gained experience in Solar Energy installation and Equipment Management.

Coopera Foundacion, Spain

Coopera Fundacion was our partner in community water supply.

Stichting Morijo Loita

Stichting Morijo Loita constructed a community school in Napoolosa Community.

Rotary club of Orlando, Florida

Friends from the Rotary Club of Orlando Florida introduced Loita to a lasting relationship with the American branch of the Rotary Club.Together we have founded and established two(2) community primary schools in Loita

Oxfam GB

Loita has been a beneficiary to OxFam GB support in gender equality and responsiveness.

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