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I welcome you to our website and invite you to “eat news” with us. “News eating” is the Maasai way of sharing information and exchanging ideas and views. We invite you to partake and share in our experiences, lessons and strategies of promoting development with a Maasai face. By using their culture, traditional milieu and local resources we have sought to empower the Loita Maasai pastoralists to take charge of managing their own development process and promoting their own desired changes.

Any effort to promote and manage development must take into account the local culture, which can be a powerful force for change.  As pastoralists, the Loita Maasai maintain a life-way, spirituality, traditional governance and personal relationships that are inextricably bound to their livestock, which are the basis of their community economy and individual wealth and social status.  As a people they struggle to maintain their traditional culture in the face of increasing isolation and marginalization.

It is thus simplistic but true to observe that “the cow is the soul of the Maasai”.  Ilkerin Loita Integral Development Programme (ILIDP) has from the beginning recognized the importance of the traditional culture as the starting point, and has built on that cultural imperative as the foundation of its programme. Cultural change is a gradual process, with many starts and stops and bumps along the way. But change is happening among the Loita Maasai, positive change, read on...

What we do

From our experience, challenges, strengths and opportunities, we have consolidated and concentrated our efforts in a number of broad intervention areas:

capacity building - maasai