Enkisoma Nadede (Quality Education)

"Education is the ultimate weapon in poverty reduction and creating parity between the conservative Loita pastoralists Maasai and the rest of society "

Project Description

We have 36 schools where we seek to ensure that all school age children especially the marginalized girl has access to a learning facility, is retained in school and receives a standard education that enables them to transit to the next learning stage.

Project History

  • 1972

    The First School Project

    The first project of the founding fathers in 1972 was to start a school, Ilkerin Loita primary school now Ilkerin Loita Boarding primary school. Change was to be gained through education and culture would form an integral part. Infrastructure development formed the initial engagement in the 1980s.

  • 1990's

    Feeder Schools & Teacher Training

    The feeder schools came in the 1990s to provide access to school for school age children. Teacher training also formed an essential element so that the area could have a trained workforce out of the crop of children who had completed schooling with the support of ILIDP.

  • 2010

    Quality Education

    Together with local and international partners a workable approach to fixing issues that impede the development of education particularly in marginalised environments was tested. The model was developed by Edukans foundation and we continue to use it to improve learning, teaching and administration of our schools.