Light Up my future

This project address climate change and what the communities can do to mitigate effects. It is a fact established globally that there are severe changes in the climate.

Project Description

In Arid and semi-arid areas like ours the effects manifest through increased frequency of drought occurrences that are longer and severer, delayed advent of rains, shorter rainy season in which rain falls with greater intensity resulting in flash flooding, soil erosion, degradation of livestock pasture, fodder and general vegetation destroying the basis of livelihood for the numerous nomadic pastoralists communities living in these areas.

Project Results

Between 2014-2016, ILIDP implemented the project reports the following results among others:

  • Training of school based environmental clubs
  • Training of schools eco-patrons
  • Provision of solar powered lanterns
  • Provision of community and institutional cook stoves.
  • Training of youth and women entrepreneurs

Data in Numbers

  • Schools’ with eco-clubs
  • Eco-patrons trained
  • Solar Lanterns provided
  • School children with better lighting
  • Schools with improved cook stoves
  • HH with improved cook stoves