Securing a Future for Loita Forest Through Improved Governance & Management

The Loita Forest Project is about securing a future for the Loita Forest through enhanced Forest governance.

Project Goal

A sustainably managed Loita forest with functional cultural and participatory approaches in place, equitably providing the community with environmental goods and services.

It is about stakeholders coming together to define limits in the use of the Forest and Forest based resources


Project Objective

The project sought to:

  • Develop a common vision that reconciles stakeholder interests through the development of a Forest Management Plan
  • Enhance the regulatory environment by facilitating participatory development of forest regulation and outreach
  • Strengthen the enforcement mechanism.
  • Promote the local communities ownership and access rights to the forest through advocacy and lobbying

Data in Numbers


People understanding Forest Management


Forest Scouts Employed


Leaders Trained


People in Visioning Workshop


People who have learned from other forest projects