Securing a Future for Loita Forest Through Improved Management

The Loita Forest Project is about securing a future for the Loita Forest through enhanced Forest governance.

It is about stakeholders coming together to define limits in the use of the Forest and Forest based resources

Project Goal

A sustainably managed Loita forest with functional cultural and participatory approaches in place, equitably providing the community with environmental goods and services.

Project Objective

The project sought to:

  • Develop a common vision that reconciles stakeholder interests through the development of a Forest Management Plan
  • Enhance the regulatory environment by facilitating participatory development of forest regulation and outreach
  • Strengthen the enforcement mechanism.
  • Promote the local communities ownership and access rights to the forest through advocacy and lobbying

Data in Numbers

  • Men and women understand forest management: 1177
  • Forest Scouts employed: 12
  • Leaders trained: 96
  • People in visioning workshop: 24
  • People who have learned from other forest projects: 35