Leadership Training & Civic Education

The goal is to impart effective leadership skills and abilities to local leaders by inculcating new concepts of accountability and transparency in decision making processes.

Project Description

ILIDP has undertaken numerous residential seminars that have enabled the leaders to consolidate their leadership skills. The programme has also facilitated various community meetings to foster the process of civic engagement.

Leaders have been trained in basic human rights, and there have been several general awareness campaigns to sensitize the local leadership – traditional elders, government administrators and local politicians, all of whom are Loita Maasai – on the plight of the Loita Maasai vis-à-vis the rest of Kenya.

Strategies & Approaches

The Loita Council of Elders makes sure that the wider community is aware of their deliberations and given a chance to make their contributions through public barazas or, as they are popularly known, “community parliaments”. A unique aspect of the Council is that it has set its own code of ethics that is adhered to by all leaders.