Organization & Engagement

Building the capacity of the local community and that of its grassroots organization structures to enable them to undertake their own desired and aspired, self- owned and managed development.

Project Description

We seek to put development resources, skills, responsibilities and authority into the hands of our beneficiaries. Over the years the community has been motivated and mobilized to, first, take interest in being involved in and committed to the running and managing of its own affairs. This was achieved through community meetings and other sessions attended by all and sundry.

Strategies & Approaches

The ILIDP chose to use the existing natural and cultural forms of collaboration, cooperation and sharing as a basis of community organization. This proved to be very apt and effective. The subcentres and the PCDAs are themselves complete social and ecological units through which families and local households have collaborated from time immemorial.

With the community thus well organized, it was possible for the ILIDP to begin thinking of and working towards decentralization and to shift its role from service delivery to facilitation, thus enabling and empowering the Loita households living around the centres to initiate and manage their resources and steer their own development in their own way.