Women Training & Empowerment

Building the capacity of the local community and that of its grassroots organization structures to enable them to undertake their own desired and aspired, self- owned and managed development.

Project Description

ILIDP has directly supported the Loita Women Council (L.W.C), which is a coalition of all women’s groups in Loita Division. LWC is now a recognized institution that advances the representation and position of women in Loita. The council has successfully pushed women into otherwise male-dominated decision making organs in society and institutions.

Strategies & Approaches

ILIDP uses exposure visits as a strategy for expanding women’s opportunities in social development.
  • Use of animal traction has considerably reduced a woman’s workload, giving her opportunities to engage in social & economic activities.
  • Development of specific leadership training has proven to be a strategy for activating women to state and stake their views and issues affecting them.
  • Opportunities for economic empowerment have put more power into the hands of Loita women.
  • Linkages of LWC to other pastoralist districts has been vocal in articulating women’s issues and rights