Youth Training and Development

In our activities to train the local youth, we mobilized junior elders and young morans to form youth groups. These groups engaged themselves in acquiring all sorts of functional skills through practical training and awareness raising.

Project Description

The young people formed an umbrella organization, the Loita Youth Association, which brought all the youth groups together. This gave them a new status next to that of the Council of Elders.

Notable achievements include :

  • Spearheading formal education
  • Exerting pressure on members who disgress from communal goals such as shool dropouts.
  • Embarking on HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.

Strategies & Approaches

ILIDP has developed youth leadership training and awareness creation that has enabled the youth to direct their energy, skills and courage to areas other than raiding.

By using the slogan “raid the earth” the ILIDP has managed to convince Maasai youth that cultivation, small-scale livestock trading enterprises and education give them better opportunities to realize their full potential.

A choice between culture and the path of formal education